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Nelson Consulting, Inc.



“The Confidential Auction really works. John Nelson & NBS presented several qualified buyers that matched our criteria. Leveraging multiple buyers to compete against each other enhanced our selling price and terms.” Seller Confidentiality Protected

“When John Nelson asked me to consider a mezzanine capital investment, I knew it was something he thoroughly researched and endorsed.” Charlie Guy, President, Guy Corporate Partners, Inc.


“Nelson Consulting is tops at delivering results to the M&A mid-markets. John is a very classy guy.” Anver Suleiman, CEO, Luntz, Suleiman & Associates, Inc.

“With John Nelson’s 40 years experience in the IT field and NBS’s transaction record, they proved invaluable in leading my high-tech company through a successful merger.” Bert Kastel, President, Intech Professionals LLC, Intech Professionals USA, Inc. & Backsoft Corporation


“Mr. Nelson is tough under fire, and firm in negotiations on my behalf. His demeanor was always one of quiet confidence and approachability.” Jennifer Frazier, President, TWS Advertising


“When it comes to acquisitions, Nelson Consulting is my business intermediary of choice. They perform the research, approach, qualification, negotiations and help close the deal. I focus on managing my business.” Kevin Mason, INVEST Financial


“As an investor in mid-market companies, when John Nelson contacts me I know his deals are complete, high-quality and warrant serious consideration.” Melvin A. Myer, President of Myer Financial Group


“Funding a leverage buy out requires skill, art and experience. Nelson Consulting exceeded all my expectations.” David N. Corner, Principal, Cornerstone Consulting


"John Nelson's business and intangible Valuation in conjunction with his expert witness testimony was crucial to the bankruptcy court approving the sale of my client’s company. Without his thoughtful Valuation and testimony the sale certainly would not have been approved." Edwin G. Rice, Attorney, with Glenn, Rassmussen, Fogarty & Hooker, P.A. & legal counsel to the Assignee of the Bankruptcy Court

"Within 3 years, John Nelson expanded domestic and international revenues from under $1M to over $12M – a truly remarkable feat." Keith Hall, Co-Owner, CaseMasters, Inc.

"John Nelson's varied career and experiences, which I've observed closely for 35 years, truly qualify him for the accolade of author P. J. O'Rourke, Age and Guile: Beat Youth, Innocence, and a Bad Haircut." Richard Flemings, CPA - Emeritus


"John has the unique ability to take a kaleidoscope of facts, trends and experiences and quickly visualize the correct solution. Bottom line, John solves problems." Michael Turrisi, Principal, Financial Advisory Services


“When I have an important business question that requires a reliable answer, I frequently ask John Nelson. His broad industry experience and insightful perspective always proves valuable.” Jesse Keeton, President, Independent Business Services

"Since the fourth grade, John Nelson has been my most trusted & loyal friend. Of course, since I do his tax returns, he has to say the same thing about me." Robert H. Williamson, Jr., CPA, PA


“John L. Nelson’s broad industry experience is evident in the knowledge he brings to a consulting engagement and his ability to quickly marshal resources to accomplish the client's objectives.” David N. Corner, Principal, Cornerstone Consulting


"I was on several proposal development teams John Nelson led in pursuit of large custom software development consulting projects. My greatest reward was serving as Executive Project Manager on over $20M in custom software development projects John and his teams sold." Vic McLendon, Vice President of CaseMasters & Vice President of Software Performance Systems


"John Nelson's varied career and experiences, which I've observed closely for 35 years, truly qualify him for the accolade of author P. J. O'Rourke, 'Age and Guile: Beat Youth, Innocence, and a Bad Haircut.'"
- Richard Flemings, CPA - Emeritus