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Q. Will Nelson Consulting share information beyond that presented in this Library and Web site?
A. Yes.  We subscribe to the premise that sharing content rich business information is a first step on the journey to developing and maintaining a mutually beneficial business relationship with our prospects, clients, affiliates and associates.  Just ask us by clicking on Contact Us Now.
Q. Can any or all information presented in this Web site be reprinted?
A. Everything presented on this Web site can be reprinted.  However, we insist that Nelson Consulting be given visible credit as authors on the face of every printed page, and the information never be shared with or used to the advantage of any Nelson Consulting competitor.
Q. Will Nelson Consulting perform business research, under contract?
A. Yes.  We offer R&D, due diligence and research services on a fee basis?  Go to the Consultation tab, select Submit Consultation Request and complete the form.  Or, simply click on Contact Us Now.
"When I have an important business question that requires a reliable answer, I frequently ask John Nelson. His broad industry experience and insightful perspective always proves valuable.
-Jesse Keeton
President, Independent Business Services



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