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Mergers, Acquisitions & Investment Banking for Mid-Market Business Owners
Litigation Support (IT Emphasis)

Our senior consultants are endowed with impressive resumes and practical experience in matters of Litigation Support (IT & Business). Our principal expertise is in the information technology and high-technology areas. Consultive services include:

  1. Expert Witness / Opinions / Report Writing
  2. Valuation of Intangibles / Software / Client Base
  3. Valuation of High-Tech Companies / Forward Looking Valuations
  4. Identify & Document Security Breach / Illegal Copies / Security Audit
  5. Technical Comparison of Allegedly Stolen Source Code to Proprietary Code
  6. E-Mail Forensics / Attachment Forensics / Database Forensics
  7. Contract Compliance / Non-Compete Compliance / Technical Forensics
  8. Copyright Infringement / Patent Infringement / Trade Secret Infringement
  9. Damage Assessment / Estimated Replacement Value / Competitive Analysis
  10. Deposition Support / Crafting Technical Questions / Case Strategy / Evidence Assessment / Technical Research
NOTE: Nelson Consulting offers four methods of communicating sensitive confidential information: 1. E-mail through our certified anti-hacker Web 2.0 site, 2. Fax to    (813) 200-1215, 3. Post to Nelson Consulting marked “Confidential” (certified & return receipt optional), or 4. Call John L. Nelson on a private line (813) 805-0202.
"Within 3 years, John Nelson expanded domestic and international revenues from under $1MM to over $12MM – a truly remarkable feat."
- Keith Hall
Co-Owner, CaseMasters, Inc.



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