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Mergers, Acquisitions & Investment Banking for Mid-Market Business Owners
Positioning For M&A

Planning and execution time frames when Preparing For M&A can range from nine months to three years, and require leaders with highly polished skills, advance planning and first-hand experience to ensure success. Whether you intend to buy, sell or merger your company, Nelson Consulting provides sophisticated skills not normally found in mid-market privately held companies. Consultive services include:

  1. Lead or mentor CEO & CFO in the preparation & execution of strategic goals; develop a fully integrated master plan with time lines, milestones, target results, interdependency and measurements of success
  2. Provide hands-on leadership and participation in executing of the master plan
  3. Provide leadership in preparing forward-looking financial statements, business plans, competitive analysis, market analysis, risk analysis, crafting ROI options, establishing current & future valuations
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"Within 3 years, John Nelson expanded domestic and international revenues from under $1MM to over $12MM – a truly remarkable feat."
- Keith Hall
Co-Owner, CaseMasters, Inc.



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