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Executive Mentor

If you are thinking about making changes in the company ownership, selling the company, positioning to make an acquisition, merging with another company, securing additional capital, changing your strategic direction, or an employee buy-out, Nelson Consulting Executive Mentor consultancy can be the ideal catalyst for your success. We augment your existing senior management team with mature, first-hand experience and sophisticated skills not normally found in mid-market privately held companies. Consultive services include:

  1. Mentor CEO & CFO related to strategic direction, lead or mentor CEO & CFO to optimize a successful merger, acquisition, divestiture, private placement, capitalization, or public offering
  2. Provide leadership in preparing financial statements, business plans, competitive analysis, market analysis, risk analysis, crafting ROI options, & establishing intangible valuations
  3. Consolidation of disparate computer systems, branch offices, functional tasks
  4. Provide crisis management, including interim CEO / CFO, business turnaround, down-sizing staff, asset liquidation, & divestiture services
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"Within 3 years, John Nelson expanded domestic and international revenues from under $1MM to over $12MM – a truly remarkable feat."
- Keith Hall
Co-Owner, CaseMasters, Inc.



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