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Mergers, Acquisitions & Investment Banking for Mid-Market Business Owners
Q: Iím ready to sell my business. What should I do to prepare the business to be sold?

A: Get your financial records up to date and secure a Fair Market Business Valuation of your business and real estate.  Nelson Consulting offers a Free Business Valuation for business owners interested in selling part or all of the company.  Through our Affiliates, we also provide commercial real estate appraisals. 

Q: How does Nelson Consulting perform valuations?

A: There are many different types of valuations, each customized for the target reader and stylized for a particular business purpose.  We employ generally accepted accounting principals and valuation formulas combined with research into comparable sales. When appropriate, we provide a certified valuation, prepared by a licensed business appraiser and/or licensed commercial real estate appraiser.  

Q: How long does it normally take to prepare a valuation?

A: It depends on the type of valuation you are seeking, access to details and the complexity of the valuation.  On average, the typical time-line requires between three weeks and two months to complete a valuation.

Q: How does Nelson Consulting price valuations?

A: For potential sellers of part or all of their business, we offer a Free Business Valuation.  Historically, the price Buyers have paid for businesses we listed for sale met or exceeded our Free Business Valuation estimates 90% of the time.  The Free Business Valuation will ascertain a fair market value of the company on the open market at a particular point in time.  However, the report is abbreviated in length and is not suitable for banking or estate planning purposes.  For all other valuation types, and there are many different types of valuations, Nelson Consulting provides an estimated price range at no charge.  Our estimates are offered in two forms; fixed price or hourly billing rate with a not to exceed maximum. 

"John Nelson's business and intangible Valuation in conjunction with his expert witness testimony was crucial to the bankruptcy court approving the sale of my clientís company. Without his thoughtful Valuation and testimony the sale certainly would not have been approved."
-Edwin G. Rice
Attorney, with Glenn, Rassmussen, Fogarty & Hooker, P.A. and legal counsel to the Assignee of the Bankruptcy Court 



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