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Comprehensive Valuation
Banks, Lenders, Investors, Estate Planners, CPA’s, M&A suitors and many other financial entities require a Comprehensive Valuation of your business. Nelson Consulting is qualified to deliver a Comprehensive Valuation that will satisfy the most discriminating audience. Absence of bias, attention to detail, experience, skills and proof of accuracy are cornerstones of a Nelson Consulting Business Valuation. Rates are determined based on scope, stated objectives and the completeness of the materials provided by the client.  We shepherd your request from inception through fulfillment. Communicate your request to Nelson Consulting by clicking on the Submit Valuation Request link.
NOTE: Nelson Consulting offers four methods of communicating sensitive confidential information: 1. E-mail through our certified anti-hacker Web 2.0 site, 2. Fax to
(813) 200-1215, 3. Post to Nelson Consulting marked “Confidential” (certified & return receipt optional), or 4. Call John L. Nelson on a private line (813) 805-0202.
"John Nelson's business and intangible Valuation in conjunction with his expert witness testimony was crucial to the bankruptcy court approving the sale of my client’s company. Without his thoughtful Valuation and testimony the sale certainly would not have been approved."
-Edwin G. Rice
Attorney, with Glenn, Rassmussen, Fogarty & Hooker, P.A. and legal counsel to the Assignee of the Bankruptcy Court 



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