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Mergers, Acquisitions & Investment Banking for Mid-Market Business Owners
Q: Why use a business intermediary or investment banker to assist me in securing Funding?

A: Nelson Consulting protects the business owner’s confidentiality while the business owner focuses on managing the business. Although we are not the perfect choice for every situation, we offer considerable expertise and a track record of success in certain areas; including funding growth, funding acquisitions, leverage buy out, real estate acquisitions, and private placements.

Q: As the business owner seeking funding, how do I compensate Nelson Consulting?

A: In most cases, the business owner compensates Nelson Consulting, in conjunction with our Affiliates, through one or more of the following means: fee for services, accomplishment fee, broker commission, and/or consulting fees.

Q: What are my Funding options?

A: A business owners funding options vary widely and are influenced by the following factors: The amount of funds being raised, financial condition of the business, cash flow of the business, use of funds, risk involved for the funding entity and the business owners preference for offering equity vs. pledging company assets in exchange for receiving the funds. Funding sources include: Commercial banks, Investment Bankers, Angel Investors, Investment Funds, Venture Capitalist, Private Placement, Initial Public Offering, Bond Issue, and, in some cases, exotic options. Nelson Consulting maintains active relationships with each of these funding sources. Communicate your request to us by clicking on Funding / Loan Request in the right margin. We shepherd your request from inception through fulfillment.
"John Nelson made two specific recommendations while our company was in its infancy that were key to our survival, and have become the cornerstones of our success. Without him, I have no doubt we would have become another tombstone in the DotCom graveyard."
-John Munsell
President of Bizzuka, Inc.



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