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Mergers, Acquisitions & Investment Banking for Mid-Market Business Owners
Q: As the Investor, do I pay the fees and commissions or does the Business Owner seeking the investment pay the fees and commissions?

In most cases, the Business Owner seeking the investment pays all fees and commissions (Buyer's Broker & Seller's Broker) at Transaction Closing. There are no hidden fees or commissions passing to the Investor in this case. However, Nelson Consulting will contract with an Investor to perform a custom search for specific types of commercial real estate, investment properties, businesses located in specific areas, etc. A monthly retainer plus an accomplishment fee is applied to our customized search services.

Q: Why use a Business Intermediary to invest in commercial real-estate or a business?

A: Nelson Consulting protects the Investors confidentiality and anonymity until the final stages of the investigatory cycle. Our R&D resources access global databases that are not readily available to the typical Investor. We match your custom search criteria to targeted situations and launch a marketing methodology that delivers results. We carefully screen and qualify the owners of targeted investments and place the Investor in a position of strength to conduct successful negotiations with multiple acquisition candidates.

Q: How do I determine what the real estate or the Business Owner's business is worth?

A: Commercial real estate typically publishes their investment request and provide a business plan that projects IRR and ARR on your potential investment.  Mid-Market businesses typically do not publish their selling price. But, many will publish a business plan that projects IRR and ARR on your potential investment.  The burden is on the Investor to determine if the Business Owners calculations are reasonable and correct.  For our Investor Clients, Nelson Consulting provides all Valuation techniques and services to assist in arriving at your investment offer. And, we facilitate the offer presentation and the negotiation cycle.

“As an investor in mid-market companies, when John Nelson contacts me I know his deals are complete, high-quality and warrant serious consideration.”
-Melvin A. Myer
President of Myer Financial Group

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