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Nelson Consulting offers commercial Real Estate Investments to the Investment Banking community. Click on one or more of the listings that follow. A brief summary of the Investment opportunity will appear. If you have interest in discovering more about an opportunity, print out the brief summary and the Confidentiality-Disclosure Agreement, complete and Fax to the number shown on the bottom of the form. Nelson Consulting will immediately E-mail you an expanded Executive Summary of the Investment opportunity, including summarized historical and projected financial performance. Nelson Consulting will follow up to support your interest in the Investment opportunity.  Investment Banking opportunities offered by John L. Nelson through a Limited Partnership with Hayward & Associates, Licensed Mortgage Broker.

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$500K Foothills Development Corp - To complete acquisition of Georgia Tech Club - 18 hole golf course.

$1.5M Atlanta Country Club - Augment $3.2M raised through debt & founding members.  Funds to be used to affect the acquisition and development of this Country Club

$3M Daytona Beach, FL Hotel in Transition - Partnership position ranging between 30% and 50% in exchange for $3,000,000 in cash plus participation as co-guarantor on $30,000,000 loan.

“As an investor in mid-market companies, when John Nelson contacts me I know his deals are complete, high-quality and warrant serious consideration.”
-Melvin A. Myer
President of Myer Financial Group

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