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How We Sell Mid-Market

Historically, Nelson Consultings' Nautilus Methodology and Confidential Auction has produced a 90% successful transaction closing rate.  When multiple buyers compete to acquire your company, the probability of maximizing the selling price and terms are greatly increased. Additionally, our Nautilus Methodology produces the most compatible buyer. Competing buyers are unaware they are involuntary participants in a Confidential Auction until the final stages of negotiations. Our clients credit Nautilus Methodology and the Confidential Auction for meeting or surpassing their expectations. Nelson Consulting and our affiliates facilitate the twelve-step Nautilus Methodology process.

Nautilus Methodology

 1. Secure a Free Business Valuation from Nelson Consulting - We access comparable sales of completed transactions for companies that are very similar to yours and apply generally accepted accounting valuation principals to arrive at a Fair Market Valuation, establishing a high and low suggested selling price for your business.  Historically, we have met or exceeded the suggested selling price 90% of the time.
2. Customize
Seller Search for Buyers, Perform R&D & Match to Potential Buyers - We match your custom selling parameters to our proprietary global database of 12 million potential buyers; which include strategic, financial, capital groups, private equity firms, active M&A professionals and large individual investors. Considerable research goes into identifying potential buyers that represent the highest propensity for success.
 3. Promotion Stage One - Direct Solicitation of Potential Buyers (w/o revealing Sellers name & location) -
We utilize the U. S. Postal Service to deliver a first class, high-level specification letter to identified target buyers, along with a confidentiality agreement. Typically, your company name is NOT revealed during stage one of promotion.
 4. Promotion Stage Two - Secure NDA, Qualify Buyers, Send Executive Summary (w/o Sellers name & location) -
Following receipt of a signed confidentiality agreement from potential buyers, we email or fax a Blind Executive Summary that provides an overview of your company and financial summary. Your company name is NOT revealed during stage two of the promotion.  Prospective buyers are financially qualified before moving into stage three promotion.
 5. Promotion Stage Three - Qualify Buyers, Send Book to Qualified Buyers (full disclosure) -
Following a thorough evaluation and prioritization of top prospective buyers the Book is sent to those selected. The Book identifies sellers' company by name, provides full disclosure, comprehensive company data, and detailed financial information. The Book anticipates questions and provides clear, concise answers, accelerating the buyer's decision making process. 
 6. Qualify Buyers, Conference Calls, Site Visits, Presentations -
Working only with the top qualified buyers in a predetermined sequence, Nelson Consulting arranges conference calls and meeting(s) between seller and buyer(s). We assist the seller in presenting their business case in a clear, concise and compelling style.  
 7. Facilitate Receipt of Buyer's Letter of Intent (LOI).  Analyze & Rank with Seller's Legal Counsel & CPA - Nelson Consulting presses the buyer to present a letter of intent (LOI) in an expeditious manner. 
 8. Seller Selects Preferred Buyers to Compete in a Confidential Auction -Nelson Consulting, your legal counsel, your CPA and seller evaluate and rank buyers according to criteria established by the seller.  This selection establishes the negotiating strategy and sequence that follows.
 9. Facilitate Confidential Auction, Cconcurrent Negotiations with Multiple Preferred Buyers - Nelson Consulting's goal is to receive multiple formal offers from qualified buyers within a compressed time frame, setting up a Confidential Auction. When buyers realize they are involuntary participating in a Confidential Auction they move rapidly to present their best price and terms.
 10. Negotiate Refinements to Buyer LOI's, Optimizing Buyer Offers in Priority Sequence - Typically, the Confidential Auction creates pressures on the buyer to improve their LOI to reflect the buyers best and final offer.  Nelson Consulting facilitates this negotiation process, in close concert with the seller.
 11. Facilitate Seller Compliance with Buyer(s) Due Diligence Requirements - Sellers require due diligence be completed prior to closing the transaction.  Sellers should realize this step is often used by a buyer to improve the buyers position, price and terms.  Nelson Consulting guides the seller through a potentially contentious due diligence and final negotiation process.  
 12. Seller Selects Preferred Buyer, Negotiates Agreements & Closes the Transaction - Our objective is to position the seller to select their buyer of choice from a pool of high-quality suitors.  Sellers attorney and CPA are active participants in this process.  Our clients meet or exceed their expressed goals 90% of the time.
“The Confidential Auction really works. John Nelson and NBS presented several qualified buyers that matched our criteria. Leveraging multiple buyers to compete against each other enhanced our selling price and terms.”
-Seller Confidentiality Protected



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