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Mergers, Acquisitions & Investment Banking for Mid-Market Business Owners
Q: As the Buyer, do I pay the commission or does the Seller pay the commission?

A: In most cases, the Seller pays all commissions (Buyer's Broker & Seller's Broker) at the transaction closing. There are no hidden commissions or fees passing to the Buyer in this case. However, Nelson Consulting will contract with a Buyer to perform a custom search to ferret out specific types of businesses, located in specific areas, operating in specific industries.  Typically, this type of search is designed to confidentially approach targeted businesses or companies that are not listed for sale.  A monthly retainer plus an accomplishment fee is applied to our customized search services.

Q: Why use a Business Broker to help me buy a business?

A: Nelson Consulting protects the Buyers confidentiality and anonymity until the final stages of the investigatory cycle. Our R&D resources access global databases that are not available to the typical Buyer. We match your custom search criteria to targeted companies and launch a marketing methodology that delivers results. We carefully screen and qualify the owners of targeted acquisitions and place the Buyer in a position of strength to conduct negotiations with multiple acquisition candidates.

Q: How do I determine what a Sellers business is worth?

A: Mid-Market businesses typically do not publish their selling price. The cultural norm within this market segment leans toward each potential Buyer performing an analytical exercise to determine the offering price and terms. Comparable sales of companies similar in size, industry and geographic location to the Seller can be very helpful in determining a reasonable offer. The results of several well known accounting formulas are combined with the comparable sales numbers to formulate the Buyer's initial offering price and terms.  For our Buyer / Clients, Nelson Consulting includes our Valuation services, and, we facilitate the presentation of the offer and structure the negotiation cycle to the Buyer's advantage.
“When it comes to acquisitions, Nelson Consulting is my business intermediary of choice. They perform the research, approach, qualification, negotiations and help close the deal. I focus on managing my business.”
-Kevin Mason, INVEST Financial Corporation



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