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Mergers, Acquisitions & Investment Banking for Mid-Market Business Owners
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If you are an Investor interested in locating the ideal  businesses and/or commercial real estate opportunity, we invite you to enter your global search for matches with Nelson Consulting and our robust network of affiliates. Complete the form and submit to Nelson Consulting. A signed Confidentiality Agreement will be sent to you.  A Nelson Consulting Deal Maker will contact you and begin our search and match process to locate your ideal investment.

Free Service:  At no charge, Nelson Consulting will search and match your custom criteria to our global databases of business owners and real estate developers seeking
funding, capitalization and financing.  Your industry preferences, revenue ranges, Recast EBITDA* ranges and more are matched to our robust database resources.  A quantitative report will be E-Mailed containing prospective investment activity, number of transaction closings and prevailing financial conditions affecting the investment banking and finance industry, specific to your search criteria.  Prospective investment opportunity names are NOT provided as part of this Free Service.

Fee for Service & Accomplishment Fee Agreement:  Some clients prefer to test the markets before entering an exclusive Accomplishment Fee Agreement.  Nelson Consulting tailors a Fee for Service to perform search/matches, investment quality assessment, due diligence, preliminary negotiations, letter of intent, negotiate final terms, agreements and transaction closing.  Without revealing your name we locate and report qualified business opportunities that match your criteria. The names and details of the investment opportunity are fully disclosed to you.  Optionally, some investment situations warrant transitioning to an Accomplishment Fee Agreement, whereby Nelson Consulting facilitates all steps associated with delivering a successful transaction closing in exchange for a brokerage fee.  Nelson Consulting employs Nautilus Methodology and Confidential Auction to minimize your investment, maximize ROI and negotiate favorable terms.  

* Recast EBITDA: Before beginning your entries into the following form, we recommend you click on *Recast EBITDA or Recast EBITDA Defined - left column.  Computing your Recast EBITDA correctly typically increases your Fair Market Value.

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